Drafting requirements


1.The article will be writen in Romanian or English, in a Word file, using TNR 12 style
2. Paragraph/Line spacing – Single, option Justify, margins: top, bottom, left, right – 2cm
3. Article length: 4-6 pages, format A4
4. Writing the paper:
– Title of the paper: TNR 12, capitalized, centered, Bold.
– Author’s name, including scientific title and institution: TNR 12, centered, Bold, two lines below the title.
– Figures, if any, will be inserted into the text, numbered and explained.
– The notes will be mentioned in the text or on the bottom of the page, with the option: insert-reference-footnote, TNR 10.
– The bibliography will be mentioned at the end of the paper, according to the APA Citation Format.