Publication guidelines

Your final paper will be written in Romanian or English and should contain the following:
(1) Title
(2) Name(s) of the author(s)
(3) Affiliation of the author(s)
(4) Abstract
(5) Key words
(6) Body of the text
(7) References

Writing the paper

Length: 4-6 pages
Paper size: Custom size; Width: 17 cm; Height:  24 cm                                                                       Font: Times New Roman (11 pt)
Line spacing: 1
Alignment: Justified
Margins: Top: 2 cm; Bottom: 2 cm; Left: 2 cm; Right: 2 cm;
Page numbers: Do not insert page numbers

Title of the paper: bold capitals, centred, TNR (12 pt)
Author’s name: bold, centred, TNR (12 pt)
Affiliation: below author’s name, regular font, TNR (11 pt)
An abstract of up to 500 words should precede the body of the text (TNR, 10 pt). The first line should start with the entry Abstract
Key words
Please include five key words next to the entry Key words: (TNR, 10 pt)

Figures, if any, will be inserted into the text, numbered and explained.
The notes will be mentioned in the text or on the bottom of the page, with the option: insert-reference-footnote, TNR 10.
The bibliography will be mentioned at the end of the paper, according to the APA Citation Style.